Celebration reception 75 years of C.A. Dudelange

The official closing celebration of the 75th Anniversary took place yesterday at the "Salle des Fêtes Nic. Birtz" at the City Hall of Dudelange.

More than 100 people assisted to this celebration, amongst them athletes, coaches, officials, members of the committees, former athletes, sponsors and many more. Alex Bodry, in his three functions as Mayor of Dudelange, President of the FLA and President of the Committee of the 75th Anniversary, welcomed the invitees, made a short summary of the success story of the CAD and considered the club as being one of the most active and successful clubs of Dudelange and of the Luxembourgish athletics world. Jean Engel, Vice-President of the Committee of the 75th Anniversary and President of the ALCAD, then gave an in-depth historical review of the almost century old history of athletics and sports in Dudelange. The president of the CAD, Georges Foehr, closed the speeches by thanking everybody involved in making the club what it is today.

Fernand Gales, in the name of the committee of the 75th Anniversary, then handed out a check of 2000 EUR to the ELA organization, collected on the sales price of the entry tickets for this year's main events, i.e. the Memorial Sven Gales and the CADIE/Memorial Sam Besch meetings.

After the official part, the assisting audience then had the occasion to lead discussions among members of the "big CAD family" in a pleasant environment, as the CAD supporter club and the City of Dudelange had offered drinks and snacks.

The next and probably very last act in the anniversary year will be the publishing of the Golden Book of 75 years of CAD, which has now a confirmed presentation date of March 19th, 2008.

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last update: 08.03.2008
by Claude Schaeffer