32nd Tour de Dudelange

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Official Results

Location: City of Dudelange

Weather:   6°C

Participants: 248 (Main Race)

Athletes finishing: 244 (Main Race)

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More pictures by Thierry Lorang (277 pictures).

Winners of the 32nd Tour de Dudelange

Men race
1 Molitor Christian Celtic Diekirch 32'28"
2 Lenertz Patrick CA Schifflange 32'41"
3 Hartmann Uwe LC Saucony Saar 33'28"
Women race
1 Schmidt Tanja LC Saucony Saar 38'37"
2 Harpes Tania CAE Grevenmacher 39'14"
3 Ley-Fransissi Tania Celtic Diekirch 41'04"

Detailed results

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You may also have a look at the results of the Tour de Dudelange in 2007. For corrections in the results you may send an E-mail to the CAD webmaster by clicking on this link.

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