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Reviews of the 2003 edition

5 jumps over 2.20m!

A. Kravtsov takes the win with 2.23m, W. Pennings misses 2.30m

The weather was great! Maybe even too hot and too heavy...

The men contest was very thrilling as no less than 5 jumpers did pass 2.20, and had an absolutely interesting fight por the podium places.

Ruslan Glyvynskyy, Wilbert Pennings and Alexeij Kravtsov were the last jumpers that remained in the contest after passing 2.23m. Wilbert chose to skip the next height of 2.26 in order to get three attempts at the qualification height of 2.30m for the forthcoming World Championships in Paris. Alexeij and Ruslan continued the struggle for the first place, but both missed their three attempts.

Wilbert remained alone in the competition, but had three rather clear misses at 2.30m.

Joan Charmant, at his third appearance in Dudelange, demonstrated that even when being physically at the top, you can still have a disappointing competition. He showed a great jump at 2.15m, but then had problems passing 2.20m. Jan-Peter Larsen appeared in a very good shape, and came very close to his personal best.

The two FLA athletes in the competition remained behind the expectations, and both jumped a disappointing 1.95m.

Pictures on this page by Jérôme Chiarandini

Rank Name Perf.
1 Alexeij KRAVTSOV (RUS) 2.23m
2 Wilbert PENNINGS (NED) 2.23m
  Ruslan GLYVYNSKYY (UKR) 2.23m
4 Jan JANKU (CZE) 2.20m
5 Jan-Peter LARSEN (NED) 2.20m
6 Joan CHARMANT (FRA) 2.15m
7 Guner KEMAL (TUR) 2.15m
8 Dalibor HON (CZE) 2.15m
9 Martin LLOYD (GBR) 2.10m
10 Rainer SCHUBERT (GER) 1.95m
11 Asmir MIRASCIC (BOS) 1.95m
  Claude SCHAEFFER (LUX) 1.95m

                             1.85 1.90 1.95 2.00 2.05 2.10 2.15 2.20 2.23 2.26 2.28 2.30
 1 Alexeij KRAVTSOV (RUS)    -    -    -    -    -    o    o    o    o    xxx
 2 Wilbert PENNINGS (NED)    -    -    -    -    -    o    -    xxo  xxo  -    -    xxx
   Ruslan GLYVYNSKYY (UKR)   -    -    -    -    -    o    o    xxo  xxo  xxx
 4 Jan JANKU (CZE)           -    -    -    -    -    xo   o    o    xxx
 5 Jan-Peter LARSEN (NED)    -    -    -    -    xo   xo   xo   xxo  xxx
 6 Joan CHARMANT (FRA)       -    -    -    -    -    o    o    xxx
 7 Guner KEMAL (TUR)         -    -    -    -    -    xo   o    xxx
 8 Dalibor HON (CZE)         -    -    -    o    o    o    xxo  xxx
 9 Martin LLOYD (GBR)        -    -    -    o    xo   o    xxx
10 Rainer SCHUBERT (GER)     -    o    xo   xxx
11 Asmir MIRASCIC (BOS)      -    -    xxo  xxx
   Claude SCHAEFFER (LUX)    o    o    xxo  xxx

B. Kähler returns with 1.88m

British S. Jones second with same height

The women contest once again came up with very good results.

There were only 3 jumpers that passed 1.82m, after 5 athletes failed at this height and returned with a mostly disappointing 1.79m. In this group of three was the quite small Katerina Korcova, who did a great competition and came very close to her personal best. All three did also pass 1.85, but Katerina did not succeed at 1.88m - the rest of the podium will be "discussed" between Birgit Kähler, a Dudelange evergreen, and Susan Jones, who recently got the UK Champion title with 1.84m.

At 1.91m however, none of the two passed, and the victory came down to Birgit, as she had less failed attempts at the previous height.

Birgit Kähler jumped her season best after a very hard and emotional season start and by doing so, repeated her win in this competition after 1998.

Carole Kieffer, the only Luxembourgish jumper, unfortunately missed again the apparently "magic barrier" of 1.70m. Needless to say that all three attempts were very, very close misses.

Pictures on this page by Marcel Schaeffer

Rank Name Perf.
1 Birgit KÄHLER (GER) 1.88m
2 Susan JONES (GBR) 1.88m
3 Katerina KORCOVA (CZE) 1.85m
4 Diana LAZNICKOVA (SLK) 1.79m
5 Annette JAMBOR (GER) 1.79m
6 Heike SIENER (GER) 1.79m
7 Inga JANKU (CZE) 1.79m
  Bernadett BODI (HUN) 1.79m
9 Stephanie HIGHAM (GBR) 1.76m
10 Alice JAVAD (SLK) 1.73m
11 Carole KIEFFER (LUX) 1.65m

                             1.55 1.60 1.65 1.70 1.73 1.76 1.79 1.82 1.85 1.88 1.91
 1 Birgit KÄHLER (GER)       -    -    -    o    o    -    o    o    xo   xo   xxx   
 2 Susan JONES (GBR)         -    -    -    -    -    -    o    -    o    xxo  xxx
 3 Katerina KORCOVA (CZE)    -    -    o    o    o    o    xxo  xxo  xo   xxx
 4 Diana LAZNICKOVA (SLK)    -    -    -    -    -    -    o    -    o    xxo  xxx
 5 Annette JAMBOR (GER)      -    -    -    o    o    xo   o    xxx
 6 Heike SIENER (GER)        -    -    -    xo   xo   xo   o    xxx
 7 Inga JANKU (CZE)          -    -    -    o    -    o    xxo  xxx
   Bernadett BODI (HUN)      -    -    -    -    o    o    xxo  xxx
 9 Stephanie HIGHAM (GBR)    -    -    -    o    o    xo   xxx
10 Alice JAVAD (SLK)         -    -    -    xxo  o    xxx
11 Carole KIEFFER (LUX)      o    o    xo   xxx

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