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The winning tickets of the 5th Memorial Sam Besch Tombola are:
0001 - 0013 - 0051 - 0053 - 0211 - 0313 - 0338 - 0369 - 0444 - 0449 - 0654 - 0675 - 0803 - 0813 - 0817 - 1134 - 1146

The winners are kindly requested to contact GS Sports in Bettembourg, rte d'Esch, Tel: +352 524 524 to get their prizes.

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Reviews of the 2005 edition

New meeting record by V. Seryogina!

The Russian athlete sets the women's meeting record to 1.95m

The weather conditions have been almost perfect for this year's edition of the Top Highjump. Warm, even hot weather, with mostly sun and ... yes, no rain!

After taking the third place during the German National Championships the day before, Birgit Kähler did not find into the competition, and had to leave at 1.80m. At this height all other athletes had no misses, except for Nicole Forrester, who always made it as thrilling as possible by passing the bar at the second or last attempt. Sabrina De Leeuw, Tatiana Grigoreva and Diana Lacznikova passed 1.83m, but missed three attemps at the next height.

Four jumpers passed 1.86m, amongst them Viktoriya Seryogina, who had only done two (impressive) jumps by then. She skipped 1.89. Former Heptathloner Tia Hellebaut from Belgium passed 1.89 at the second attempt, whereas Romana Dubnova and Nicole Forrester quit the competition after missing the third attempt.

Viktoriya passed both 1.92 (Tia missed) and 1.95 at the third attempt, and by doing so, she set a new meeting and stadium record, which was held by Birgit Kähler since 1998. And she got the qualification height for the World Championships! By then trying to jump 2.00m, the numerous spectators saw for the first time in Dudelange and probably Luxembourg a female highjumper attempting the magical 2m. This once again confirms the very high level the Memorial Sam Besch - Top Highjump has achieved.


Rank Name Perf.
1 Viktoriya SERYOGINA (RUS) 1.95m
2 Tia HELLEBAUT (BEL) 1.89m
3 Romana DUBNOVA (CZE) 1.86m
4 Nicole FORRESTER (CAN) 1.86m
5 Diana LACZNIKOVA (SLK) 1.83m
  Tatiana GRIGOREVA (RUS) 1.83m
7 Sabrina DE LEEUW (BEL) 1.83m
8 Birgit KÄHLER (GER) 1.75m

                              1.70 1.75 1.80 1.83 1.86 1.89 1.92 1.95 1.98 2.00
 1 Viktoriya SERYOGINA (RUS)  -    -    o    -    o    -    xxo  xxo  -    xxx
 2 Tia HELLEBAUT (BEL)        o    o    o    o    o    xo   xxx
 3 Romana DUBNOVA (CZE)       o    o    o    o    xo   xxx
 4 Nicole FORRESTER (CAN)     -    xxo  xo   xo   xxo  xxx
 5 Diana LACZNIKOVA (SLK)     o    o    o    o    xxx
   Tatiana GRIGOREVA (RUS)    o    o    o    o    xxx
 7 Sabrina DE LEEUW (BEL)     o    o    o    xxo  xxx
 8 Birgit KÄHLER (GER)        xo   o    xxx
   Tammy KIEFFER (LUX))       DNS

G. Moroz wins with very good 2.29m

O. Frösen gets second place

The overall level of the men's competition was not quite as good as during the last editions, but it offered a very interesting battle between Oskari Frösen and Gennadiy Moroz, and it showed the best performance since Christian Rhoden's 2.30m in 2000.

Three jumpers, Valentin Dubnov (Romana's husband), Asmir Mirascic and Alio Hassano passed 2m without any problems, but did not pass 2.05m. The two entering athletes passed this height, and at 2.10 the remaining three athletes (with the best personal bests) also had started the competition. Both Jan Janku and Mark Taylor, an Australian Scottsman, passed 2.10 at the first attempt, but missed 2.15 three times, even if only slightly. Mustapha Raifak, who could not warm up properly due to a delay by a traffic jam, however had managed to have a good adrenaline-powered start into the competition at 2.05m, and he did also pass 2.15m at the second attempt.

At 2.20m, both Oskari and Gennadiy showed very nice first attempts by clearing the height. Mustapha could not do it, and he had to hand over the competition for the victory to Oskari and Gennadiy. Both passed 2.23m, Oskari missed 2.26m at the first attempt, but Gennadiy passed it with an impressive gap. In order to guard his chances to win the competition, Oskari chose to skip and move on to the next height.

The two athletes missed two times - which was the "out" for Oskari - but Gennadiy passed this height at the last attempt. Highly motivated, he wanted to try 2.33, but aborted the competition after a first missed attempt, and after feeling a slight pain in his ankle which he had undergone surgery on only 5 months ago.

Rank Name Perf.
1 Gennadiy MOROZ (BLR) 2.29m
2 Oskari FRÖSEN (FIN) 2.23m
3 Mustapha RAIFAK (FRA) 2.15m
4 Mark TAYLOR (GBR) 2.10m
  Jan JANKU (CZE) 2.10m
6 Alio HASSANO (FRA) 2.00m
  Asmir MIRASCIC (LUX) 2.00m
8 Valentin DUBNOV (CZE) 2.00m

                             1.85 1.90 1.95 2.00 2.05 2.10 2.15 2.20 2.23 2.26 2.29 2.31 2.33
 1 Gennadiy MOROZ (BLR)      -    -    -    -    -    o    xo   o    xxo  o    xxo  -    x-
 2 Oskari FRÖSEN (FIN)       -    -    -    -    -    o    o    o    xxo  x-   xx
 3 Mustapha RAIFAK (FRA)     -    -    -    -    xo   o    xo   xxx
 4 Mark TAYLOR (GBR)         -    -    -    -    o    o    xxx
   Jan JANKU (CZE)           -    -    -    -    -    o    xxx
 6 Alio HASSANO (FRA)        -    -    o    o    xxx
   Asmir MIRASCIC (LUX)      -    o    o    o    xxx
 8 Valentin DUBNOV (CZE)     o    o    o    xo   xx-


Winners of the last editions

2005 Gennadiy Moroz (Belorussia) 2.29m   Viktoriya Seryogina (Russia) 1.95m MR
2004 Jesse de Lima (Brazil) 2.24m   Tatyana Novoseltseva (Russia) 1.91m
2003 Alexeij Kravtsov (Russia) 2.23m   Birgit Kähler (Germany) 1.88m
2002 Tomas Ort (Czechia) 2.26m   Maria Melova (Slovakia) 1.91m
2001 Tora Harris (USA) 2.24m   Alina Astafei (Germany) 1.88m
2000 Christian Rhoden (Germany) 2.30m   Maria Melova (Slovakia) 1.90m
1999 Patrick de Paepe (Belgium) 2.18m   Irčne Tiendrebeogo (Monaco) 1.92m
1998 Christian Rhoden (Germany) 2.32m MR   Birgit Kähler (Germany) 1.93m MR
    Andrea Baumert (Germany) 1.78m
    Daniela Rath (Germany) 1.83m
1995 Raymond Conzemius (Luxembourg) 2.22m  

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