General Assembly 2019

This year's general assembly of the Cercle Athlétique Dudelange took place on Saturday March 2nd at the Centre Hild, in front of some 100 members, athletes, friends and guests.

1st Lay assessor René Manderscheid confirmed that some difficulties had been encountered during the studies concerning the new indoor hall close to the Kennedy stadium but that the City of Dudelange is still confident that the construction works will start within the next 4 to 5 years. The project also foresees a relocation of the tennis hall and courts, which has to be finalized before the construction of the hall can begin.

Long-term coach Jean Biever and long-term committee member and Vice-President Pit Biver were honoured at the occasion of their retirement as active officials.


The committee was strengthened by 3 new members: Olivier Boussong, Lara Marx and Fabio Secci.

After a couple of speaches and reports, and the acceptance of the amended club bylaws, several prizes have been attributed to athletes with special merits. The following athletes have been honored:

- Tom Habscheid (2x European Vicechampion, 1st President's award)
- Noémie Pleimling (2 national records, 1st President's award, 2nd merit prize Seniors)
- Lara Marx (1st merit prize Seniors, 2nd President's award)
- Liz Weiler (1st merit prize long distances, 3rd merit prize Seniors, 3rd President's award)
- Konstantin Moll (1st merit prize Juniors, 2nd President's award, 3rd progression prize)
- Chloé Schmit (1st merit prize Cadettes, 1st progression prize)
- Caroline Kutten (1st merit prize Minimes)
- Fanny Goy (1st merit prize Juniors, 3rd merit prize long distances)
- Matteo Bellucci (1st progression prize, 3rd merit prize Minimes)
- Ben Steimes (1st merit prize Minimes)
- Noah Baecker (1st merit prize Cadets)
- Lara Buekens (1st merit prize Espoirs)
- Michael Auer (1st merit prize Espoirs)
- Olivier Caron (1st merit prize Seniors)
- Sven Remakel (1st merit prize long distances)
- Pia Wiltgen (1st merit prize triathlon)
- Christophe Pirenne (1st merit prize triathlon)
- Lena Becker (2nd merit prize Minimes)
- Tom Nicolas (2nd merit prize Minimes)
- Yanna Schmit (2nd merit prize Cadettes, 2nd progression prize)
- Luca Garofalo (2nd merit prize Cadets)
- Lisa Pastoret (2nd merit prize Juniors)
- Valentin Moll (2nd merit prize Juniors, 3rd President's award)
- Max Koch (2nd merit prize Espoirs)
- Nicolas Auer (2nd merit prize Seniors, 2nd progression prize)
Manon Schneider (2nd merit prize long distances)
- Paulo Ramos (2nd merit prize long distances)
- Roland Weber (3rd merit prize long distances)
- Jennifer Chaussy (3rd progression prize)
- Adriana Ramos (3rd merit prize Minimes)
- June Krier (3rd merit prize Cadettes)
- Maxim Nicolas (3rd merit prize Cadets)
- Cloé Eischen (3rd merit prize Juniors)
- Jeff Becker (3rd merit prize Juniors)
- Joe Simon (3rd merit prize Espoirs)
- Olivier Boussong (3rd merit prize Seniors)

The evening was then closed with the traditional and delicious spaghetti from Gaby, Tessy, Jean-Paul, Margot and their team.

last update: 10.03.2019
by Claude Schaeffer