Exciting JFKindoor project draft

On Monday, April 4th, 2016, we were received by part of the town college of Alderman and by a representative of the technical department, in order to present our draft project for a future indoor hall to be located close to the current JF Kennedy stadium.

Following some uncomfortable articles that had appeared in the press just after the General Assembly of the club, president Josée Lorsché emphasized that the remark concerning the limited usefullness of the two lanes in the newly opened Centre Sportif René Hartmann was misunderstood by the press. The overall tone during the meeting in the town hall was very open and friendly.

The representaives of the City of Dudelange were almost as enthusiastic as the CAD representatives about this project draft, but clearly stated that this first would have to be analyzed by the whole college of Alderman and the town council.

Currently no budget is foreseen, neither shortterm, nor on the 5 years plan.

This projet was submitted by the CAD committee in order to give better training opportunities during the winter season to our athletes. In addition, this indoor hall could be used by the Dudelange schools, and by other clubs, and even for competitions.

We hope to hear soon about this project draft from our City of Dudelange representatives!


last update: 10.04.2016
by Claude Schaeffer