Mandy Charlet

Congratulations to our athlete Mandy Charlet! She took part at the Heptathlon at the U18 World Championships in Sherbrooke (Canada), and did the good ranking 18 out of 25 participants.

Her total was 4432 points, 60 points more than during her qualification Heptathlon in Reims (France) back in May, where she totalled 4372 points (27"28 - 15"80 - 1.51 - 10.60 - 4.77 - 34.34 - 2'30"00), and established at the same time a new Junior best performance. The total realised in Sherbrooke however will not be validated because the height of the hurdles does not comply with our national Junior standards.

Detailed results of the Sherbrooke Heptathlon:


last update: 16.07.2003
by Claude Schaeffer