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Cercle Athlétique Dudelange (C.A.D.)

...probably one of Luxembourg's finest track-and-field clubs ;-)

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last update: 04.02.2018

03/02/2018 Tom Habscheid set a new national record in the F42 shot put during the international CMCM FLA Indoor Meeting by realizing 14.26m. In the same meeting, Lara Marx finished on the excellent 4th rank in the 60m hurdles with a performance of 8"68.
28/01/2018 At today's 2nd Indoor Challenge Tageblatt, nice top 10 results from: Ben Steimes (60m, long jump), Tim Schaeffer (long jump), Tom Nicolas (60m, long jump), Caroline Kutten (shot put), Adriana Ferreira (shot put), Gino Garofalo (60m, long jump), Pol Stoffel (long jump), Carla Bellucci (high jump), Lena Do Carmo (long jump), Noah De Backer (50m), Lena Schweitzer (800m, high jump), Eve Lambert (high jump) and Lina Jomé (high jump).
27/01/2018 Some podium places for CAD athletes during the National Indoor Championships: Lara Marx 1st 60m hurdles (8"74), 1st long jump (5.64m), 2nd triple jump (11.46m), Sebastien Hoffelt 1st 60m hurdles (8"80), 2nd pole vault (4.90m), Noémie Pleimling 2nd high jump (1.55m), Lara Buekens 2nd pole vault (3.25m), Olivier Boussong 2nd 200m (22"62), 3rd 60m (7"26) and Olivier Caron 2nd shot put (14.23m). Congratulations!
22/01/2018 During yesterday's 6th EES FLTri Indoor Aquathlon our athlete Pia Wiltgen made it up to the Finals and finished at the 10th place.
21/01/2018 Luckily no rain for today's Cross Country and even sometimes some sunny moments! Both Paulo Ramos and Liz Weiler climbed on the 3rd step of the podium of the Popular race, Sven Remakel finishing 4th. In the youngster races, Eve Lambert finishes 8th Débutante, Caroline Kutten 2nd Minime, Ben Steimes 8th Minime and Pol Stoffel 9th Scolaire.
20/01/2018 Nice results at the Indoor Meeting Regio 3 from: Pia Wiltgen 1st 1500m, Tom Nicolas 1st 60m hurdles Minimes, Yanna Schmit 3rd 60m Cadettes, Jennifer Chaussy 3rd shot put, Sebastien Hoffelt 3rd shot put and 4th 60m hurdles, Luca Garofalo 4th long jump Cadets and Max Koch 5th shot put.
14/01/2018 During the 1st Indoor Challenge tageblatt, good results from: Cynthia Ferretti (50m and long jump Débutantes), Lina Jomé (50m and long jump Débutantes), Lena Schweitzer (50m and long jump Débutantes), Eve Lambert (50m and long jump Débutantes), Andrea Sguazzin (800m Débutants), Noah De Backer-Muller (800m Débutants), Caroline Kutten (800m and long jump Minimes), Lena Becker (800m and long jump Minimes), Ben Steimes (800m and shot put Minimes), Tim Schaeffer (800m Minimes), Tom Nicolas (shot put Minimes), Patrick Weiser (shot put Minimes), Carla Bellucci (60m and long jump Scolaires), Alessia Sguazzin (60m Scolaires), Lena Do Carmo (long jump Scolaires), Pol Stoffel (800m Scolaires), Gino Garofalo (high jump Scolaires) and Luca Costantini (high jump Scolaires).
13/01/2018 At the Indoor Meeting Regio 2 the following CAD athletes realized good rankings: Florestan Pireaux (1st shot put Cadets), Olivier Caron (1st shot put), Gaëtan Hutlet (1st pole vault Juniors), Lara Marx (2nd long jump), Sebastian Hoffelt (2nd pole vault), Ben Steimes (3rd 200m Minimes), Fanny Goy (6th 3000m), Liz Weiler (7th 3000m) and Olivier Boussong (12th 200m).
08/01/2018 Today the 4th Cross-Country of the season took place in Esch/Alzette. Fanny Goy won in the Juniors race, Lena Schweitzer finished 3rd Débutante, Liz Weiler took the 3rd place in the Ladies' race, Ben Steimes finished 4th Minime, Caroline Kutten 4th Minime, Andrea Sguazzin 7th Débutant, Pol Stoffel 9th Scolaire and Sven Remakel finished 7th in the Men's race.
07/01/2018 During yesterday's Indoor Meeting Regio 1, Lara Marx won the 60m hurdles and became 2nd in the high jump, Lara Buekens did a 2nd place in the pole vault, both Nadine Kremer and Olivier Caron won the shot put competition, Tom Nicolas won in the Minimes shot put and finished 2nd on the 60m hurdles, Jennifer Chaussy finished 4th in the shot put, Gaëtan Hutlet finished 3rd and Roy Michel 4th in the pole vault, Max Koch finished 5th in the shot put, Sophie Leser finished 3rd over the 60m race, Ben Steimes finished 4th in the 60m, Olivier Boussong realized the 8th best time and Konstantin Moll the 9th best time in the 60m finals.
01/01/2018 The CAD wishes all his members, athletes, coaches, sponsors, supporters and other friends of the athletics world all the Best for the New Year 2018!
28/12/2017 Updated the records database with the season 2017 results.
16/12/2017 During the first domestic indoor meeting of the season (FLA Laf Meeting 1), Lena Schweitzer finished 2nd on the 1000m Débutantes, Olivier Boussong became 3rd and Lara Marx 5th on the 300m, Fanny Goy finished 3rd at the 1000m and Ben Steimes became 5th at the 1000m Minimes/Cadets.
10/12/2017 Lots of snow during today's cross in Belvaux, and good performances from Liz Weiler (1st Senior), Fanny Goy (1st Junior), Caroline Kutten (2nd Minime), Lys Stoffel (2nd Junior), Pia Wiltgen (4th Senior), Lena Schweitzer (6th Débutante), Leonie Bressler (7th Scolaire), Ben Steimes (7th Minime), Claudine Heck-Gilson (7th Senior), Pol Stoffel (8th Scolaire) and Luca Costantini (9th Scolaire).
03/12/2017 Good performances from these CAD athletes during the 2nd cross-country in Grevenmacher: Liz Weiler wins the Seniors race, Pia Wiltgen finishes at the 2nd rank and Manon Schneider completes the all-CAD podium, and finally Claudine Heck-Gilson finishes 6th in this race. Lys Stoffel finishes 4th Junior, and in the youngsters races, Andrea Sguazzin finishes 9th Débutant and Pol Stoffel gets the 11th place in the Scolaires race.
02/12/2017 Liz Weiler wins the Nikloslaf in Esch/Alzette, Paulo Ramos gets the 2nd place and Fanny Goy finishes 4th Lady.
26/11/2017 The cross country season has been opened by the RBUAP Cross. Liz Weiler finishes 1st, Pia Wiltgen 2nd and Claudine Heck-Gilson 3rd in the Seniors race (see picture on the right), Fanny Goy finishes 1st and Lys Stoffel 2nd Juniors (see picture on the left), and Paulo Ramos finished 6th in the Seniors race.
In the youngster races Lena Schweitzer gets a great 2nd rank in the Débutantes race, Eve Lambert finishes 9th in the same race, Andrea Sguazzin finishes 7th in the Débutants race and Pol Stoffel finishes 7th Scolaire.
Debscol Debscol
25/11/2017 At the 4th Freelander Trail in Mersch-Hollenfels, Paulo Ramos finished at the excellent 2nd place, and Philippe Dürrer finished 11th!
19/11/2017 At the National Trail Championships (15th Uewersauer Trail) two CAD athletes finished on the podium: Sven Remakel got gold, and Jean Hensel finished 3rd. Congratulations! Debscol
18/11/2017 Our débutant(e)s and scolaires teams had their traditional season's end celebration. 31 athletes had some fun in the aquacenter Les Thermes in Strassen, and then had a good spaghetti at the O'Farol restaurant in Dudelange and of course also got their awards. Congratulations to everyone! Debscol
12/11/2017 With some 150 kids who participated, this Sunday's indoor Kid's cup in Dudelange was a real success!
05/11/2017 Next Sunday the CAD will organize an indoor Kid's cup in Dudelange.
23/10/2017 A total of almost 650 pictures added or linked on the page of the 7th Haard Trail.
21/10/2017 165 runners at the start of the 7th Haard Trail despite the quite poor weather conditions. Victories go to Abiel Tesfu (Celtic) and Liz Weiler (CAD). Licinio Melanda, last year's fourth finisher, unfortunately fell and injured quite severely. We wish him a good recovery!
01/10/2017 At a decathlon competition in Schaerbeek/Brussels, our athlete Lara Marx took the first place by totalling 6268 points (100m: 12"82 / 400m: 61"55 / 1500m: 6:09"75 / 100m hurdles: 14"81 / long: 5.09m / high: 1.59m / pole vault: 3.32m / shot put: 9.05m / discus: 33.19m / javelin: 33.83m) and by realizing a new personal best over the 400m distance. Well done!
01/10/2017 Lots of good results at yesterday's Youth Cup in Esch/Alzette from these CAD athletes: Ben Steimes (1st javelin throw, 1st 1000m and 1st long jump Scolaires), Luca Garofalo (1st 80m hurdles, 2nd javelin throw and 2nd long jump Minimes), Tim Schaeffer (2nd javelin throw, 3rd 50m and 5th long jump Scolaires), Lili Lamesch (2nd shot put, 3rd long jump and 3rd 80m hurdles Minimes), Tom Nicolas (2nd shot put and 3rd 80m hurdles Minimes), Sophie Leser (3rd 100m , 4th javelin throw and 5th long jump Minimes), Patrick Weiser (3rd shot put Scolaires), Sven Jacobs (3rd high jump Minimes), Caroline Kutten (4th javelin throw and 5th 800m Scolaires), Melvin Spoden (4th javelin throw and 5th 60m hurdles Scolaires) and Noah Bäcker (4th javelin throw Minimes). In the overall ranking podium places go to Ben Steimes (1st Scolaire), Lili Lamesch (2nd Minime), Luca Garofalo (2nd Minime) and Tim Schaeffer (3rd Scolaire), and finally the boys take the 3rd overall ranking in the Cup.
24/09/2017 Paulo Ramos finishes in 1:18:30 at the 36th rank of the 56th Rout du Vin (6th in the National Championships), Yves Caetano 78th in 1:26:05 (12th National Championship), Philippe Durrer 106th in 1:29:28 (18th National Championship), Olivier Kass 116th in 1:30:25 and Roland Weber 120th in 1:30:42. Manon Schneider finishes 39th Lady in 1:47:17 and with this gets the 7th place in the national Championships.
23/09/2017 At the 8th and last Challenge Tageblatt of this year, good results from Ben Steimes (1st shot put and 1st 2000m Scolaires 04), Carla Bellucci (2nd ball throw and 4th 50m Débutantes 06), Melvin Spoden (3rd 60m hurdles Scolaires), Andrea Sguazzin (3rd long jump Benjamins), Julia Him (3rd long jump Scolaires 05), Patrick Weiser (4th shot put Scolaires 04), Pol Stoffel (5th high jump Débutants 06), Noah de Backer (5th high jump Débutants 07) and Lena Do Carmo-Alessia Sguazzin-Leonie Bressler-Carla Bellucci (5th 4x50m Débutantes).
17/09/2017 At this weekend's Coupe du Prince the team of the CA Belvaux could repeat their victory from 2015. They totalled 16620 pts, almost 1000 points ahead of the CSL team (15651 pts) and the Celtic team, finishing 3rd with a total of 15549 pts. The CAD team could only get a rather disappointing 6th place with a total of 14672 points, in spite of a few good individual performances.
17/09/2017 The registrations for the forthcoming 7th Haard Trail are open since today! Don't miss the last event of the ASPORT | Trail Challenge!
16/09/2017 After having won the Coupe des Dames in 2016, the CAD ladies could defend their title this year, by realizing a total of 10030 pts, well ahead of the teams from CSL (9469 pts) and CA Fola (9198 pts). Congratulations!
13/09/2017 The training sessions for our youngsters (Benjamins & Ludiques) will resume on September 26th. As of then, the trainings will be held on Tuesdays and on Thursdays from 15:00 to 16:00, meeting point for the resuming is at the John F. Kennedy stadium.
10/09/2017 During this weekend's National Decathlon and Heptathon Championships, Nicolas Auer took the title in the Men's category with 4538 pts, Lara Marx won the Ladies' competition with 4611pts, ahead of Marie-Daphnée Ries (3105 pts) and Nadine Kremer (1848 pts), and Lili Lamesch won in the Minimes category with a total of 3181 pts.
09/09/2017 Our athlete Sven Remakel won the 112km race of the Leopard Ultratrail around the Mullerthal region in a new record time of 11h00:35". Great result for him after getting already the 3rd place in 2016!
03/09/2017 Retrieve the results of the International Open Meeting which was organized in Dudelange today.
20/08/2017 During this weekend's National Triathlon Championships in Weiswampach, our athlete Pia Wiltgen got the gold medal! Great job, congratulations!
06/08/2017 Again a new fantastic record for Valentin Moll! During a competition in Ulm (GER), 4 weeks after having broken the 19m limit in the 6kg shot put event, he now could break the sonic barrier of 20m! His new personal best is now set to 20.03m, but for how long? Go on, Valentin!
30/07/2017 Good results from Valentin Moll and Konstantin Moll. In Ludweiler, Valentin realized 17.20m in the 7.25kg shot-put event, and 42.45m in the 2kg discus throw. In Dischingen, Konstantin threw the 5kg hammer up to 65.90m.
16/07/2017 Wow! At the World Para Athletics Championships in London, our athlete Tom Habscheid took this morning the silver medal in the F42 discus throw event, by realizing an incredible 46.83m (new national record).
16/07/2017 At the National Championships which took place in Schifflange this weekend, podium places went to these CAD athletes: Lara Marx (1st long jump, 1st 100m hurdles and 1st triple jump), Isabeau Pleimling (1st shot put, 1st hammer throw and 1st discus throw Espoirs), Olivier Boussong (1st 100m and 1st 200m), Noémie Pleimling (1st discus throw, 1st javelin throw and 3rd shot put), Olivia Bodeux (1st 400m and 2nd 200m), Fanny Goy (1st 1500m), Géraldine Davin (1st hammer throw), Lara Buekens (1st pole vault Espoirs), Liz Weiler (2nd 1500m and 2nd 3000m), Lisa Pastoret (2nd high jump), Joe Simon (2nd triple jump Espoirs) and Chloé Schmit (2nd 800m). Congratulations to all of them!
10/07/2017 Our athlete Valentin Moll set a remarkable new club record during a competition in Rehlingen (GER) by throwing in the first attempt the 6kg shot put to 19.24m! With this performance, he breaks for the first time the 19m limit and improves his personal best by 39cm. Well done!
09/07/2017 During this weekend's National Youth Championships, the following CAD athletes got podium places: Fanny Goy (1st 800m, 1st 1500m Juniors), Konstantin Moll (1st shot put, 1st discus throw Cadets), Florestin Pireaux (1st shot put, 1st discus throw, 3rd javelin throw Minimes), Anna Perlic (1st shot put Cadettes), Davide Damoi (1st shot put Juniors), Luca Garofalo (1st 80m hurdles, 2nd javelin throw, 3rd 100m Minimes), Sophie Leser (2nd 100m Minimes), Tom Nicolas (2nd 80m hurdles Minimes), Yanna Schmit (2nd 400m, 3rd 100m Cadettes), Chloé Schmit (2nd javelin throw, 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m Cadettes), Lili Lamesch (3rd long jump Minimes), Jeff Becker (3rd 100m Juniors), Delphine Mendes Da Costa (3rd long jump Cadettes) and Sarah Rehlinger (3rd discus throw Cadettes). Congratulations!
25/06/2017 Again an excellent result from Pia Wiltgen, who finishes at the third rank in her age category (F30-34) at the Triathlon Sprint European Championships which took place in Dusseldorf. Congratulations!
24/06/2017 The CAD has a new official competition sportswear! In addition to the existing sportswear, the CAD proposes since a couple of days a new design, developed by Lynn Marx. The athletes who would like to order some articles and try different sizes are invited to contact either Liz Weiler or Lara Marx, or inscribe their names on a list that has been displayed on the information board in the Kennedy stadium changing rooms.

03/06/2017 Excellent results from our CAD athletes during the 17th Games of the Small European States, which took place in San Marino. Noemie Pleimling took bronze by realizing 47.29m in the javelin throw, Lara Marx took silver over the 100m hurdles in 14"20 and bronze in the 4x100m relay in 46"68. Olivier Boussong won in the 4x400m relay team (3:15"03), and Sebastien Hoffelt took the 3rd place in the pole vault competition by crossing 5.00m. Well done!
28/05/2017 Podium places and new personal bests for Liz Weiler and Lara Marx during yesterday's European Champions Club Cup in Leiria, Portugal! In total, 9 of our athletes realized personal bests during this competition!
21/05/2017 Presentation of the two CAD teams who will participate at the European Champions Club Cup, which will take place in Leiria, Portugal, next Saturday.
21/05/2017 A great number of participants competed on today's Internationl Open Meeting, under almost perfect weather conditions.
21/05/2017 Again good news from Pia Witgen, who could win the title of National Women Elite Sprint Triathlon Champion in Grevenmacher. Congratulations!
20/05/2017 Added the results of this afternoon's Challenge Tageblatt 3 and the National Steeple Championships.
14/05/2017 Nice result from our triathlete Pia Wiltgen, who could win the 1.5-39.3-10km triathlon in Chalons-sur-Champagne in France among 32 participants. Well done!
14/05/2017 At the National Interclub Championships, the CSL wins with both their Men and Women teams, the CAD teams finish second, and the Fola Women team and the CAB Men team take the third places. HNY 2014
13/05/2017 After the first day of the National Interclub Championships, the teams of CSL are leading for both the Men and Women Championships, in front of the CAD teams and the Fola team for the Women and the Celtic team for the Men.
07/05/2017 At the National Relay Championships, these CAD athletes made it up to the podium: Sophie Leser-Sandrine Helfenstein-Lili Lamesch-Yanna Schmit 1st 4x100m Cadettes, Lili Lamesch-Sophie Leser-Chloé Schmit-Yanna Schmit 3rd 4x400m Cadettes and Noah Bäcker-Sven Jacobs-Tom Nicolas-Maxim Nicolas 3rd 4x100m Cadets.
06/05/2017 At the second Challenge Tageblatt, good results from these CAD athletes: Ben Steimes 1st 2000m and javelin throw Scolaires 04, Melvin Spoden 2nd javelin throw Scolaires 04, Julia Him 2nd high jump Scolaires 05, Yannick Berns 3rd javelin throw Scolaires 05, Lena Schweitzer 3rd 800m Débutantes 07, Carla Bellucci 3rd 800m and 3rd ball throw Débutantes 06, Leonie Bressler 4th 800m Débutantes, Tim Schaeffer 4th javelin throw Scolaires 04, Pol Stoffel 5th 800m Débutants 06 and Gino Garofalo 5th javelin throw Scolaires 05.
05/05/2017 Isabeau Pleimling wins the Espoirs discus throw at the throwing events and jump meeting in Grevenmacher. At the same meeting, Marc Meyer twice takes the second rank at the masters M35 shot put and discus throw and Annette Kohl wins the masters W50 shot put and takes the second place at the W50 weight throw.
30/04/2017 Added the results of this season's first CAD meeting, the throwing events meeting, which took place on Sunday in Zoufftgen.
30/04/2017 At the National long distance and hurdles Championships, Fanny Goy wins the title in the 3000m Juniors race, Liz Weiler takes the silver medal in the 10000m Ladies race, Chloé Schmit wins the bronze medal in the 400m hurdles Cadettes race, and Lys Stoffel gets the bronze medal in the 400m hurdles Juniors race.
30/04/2017 Our athlete Pia Wiltgen takes the title of National Duathlon Champion during the 29th Duathlon Patrick Farenzena. Congratulations!
29/04/2017 Good results from our athletes at this season's first Challenge Tageblatt: Ben Steimes 1st 75m and 1st high jump Scolaires 04, Carla Bellucci 1st long jump Débutantes 06, Pol Stoffel 2nd 1000m Débutants 06, Caroline Kutten 2nd 2000m Scolaires 04, Melvin Spoden-Olivier Ruckert-Ben Steimes 4th relay 3x1000m Scolaires, Melvin Spoden 5th high jump Scolaires 04 and Noah De Backer-Muller 5th 1000m Débutants 07.
31/03/2017 The results from the 40h Tour de Dudelange and the 10km road Championships have now been passed to the official state, and we added a huge gallery of 750 pictures!
26/03/2017 Great race from Yonas Kindé at the 40h Tour de Dudelange who became FLA champion. Charel Grethen and Martine Mellina took the National Championship titles.
13/03/2017 Excellent results from Liz Weiler at the 22nd Postlaf, who finishes 3rd in the Ladies race! Further great results from Paulo Ramos, who finishes at the 9th place and Pia Wiltgen who finishes 11th Lady. Philippe Durrer finishes 44th, Christophe Pirenne 56th, Yannick Frantz 64th, Yves Caetano 70th and Monique Ketter finishes 13th Lady.
12/03/2017 Yesterday our club held its General Assembly in the centre Hild with some 150 attendees. Special honors came to Tom Habscheid and to Jäng Paulus. HNY 2014
05/03/2017 During the Cross Championships which took place in Diekirch, the following CAD athletes took podium places: Liz Weiler won the Ladies title, Caroline Kutten won the Scolaires race, Ben Steimes finished 3rd Scolaire and Pol Stoffel finished 3rd Débutant. Congratulations!
17/02/2017 The inscriptions for the forthcoming 40th Tour de Dudelange with the 10km National Championships are open since a couple of days!
12/02/2017 At the CAEG Cross-Country, Gil Nicola won the popular race, Pol Stoffel won the Débutants race, Julia Him did a 2nd place in the Scolaires race, Chloé Schmit did a 3rd place in the Cadettes race, just ahead of Florence Duwe and Yanna Schmit, Lys Stoffel did a 2nd place in the Juniors race and Liz Weiler won the Seniors race.
11/02/2017 During the Indoor Meeting Regio 3, the following CAD athletes made top 5 places: Tom Habscheid (1st shot put Hsp F42), Lara Marx (1st 60m hurdles), Yanna Schmit (1st 60m Cadettes), Davide Damoi (2nd shot put Hsp F42), Pia Wiltgen (2nd 1500m), Anna Perlic (2nd Shot put Cadettes), Yanna Schmit-Olivia Bodeux-Sandrine Helfenstein-Lara Marx (3rd 4x200m), Gil Nicola-Wes Charlet-Konstantin Moll-Olivier Boussong (3rd 4x200m), June Krier (4th 60m Cadettes), Olivia Bodeux (4th 60m) and Chloé Schmit (5th 1500m).
10/02/2017 At the Vectis Indoor Meeting, Olivier Boussong did a 5th place at the 60m B-final (7"27) and Lara Marx finished 4th in the 60m hurdles final (8"54).
22/01/2017 At the National Indoor Championships, the following CAD athletes got medals: Lara Marx (1st 60m hurdles, 3rd 60m), Olivier Bussong (2nd 200m), Valentin Moll (2nd shot put), Olivia Bodeux (3rd 400m), Lili Lamesch (3rd long jump) and Noémie Pleimling (3rd shot put). Congratultions!
15/01/2017 Added the results and 335 pictures of today's Cross Country which took place in the snowy Parc Le'h. Ben Steimes won in the Scolaires category, Fanny Goy finished 1st in the Juniors open cross, ahead of 2nd Lys Stoffel, Pol Stoffel took the 2nd place in the Débutants race, Florence Duwe finished 2nd Cadette, Caroline Kutten realized a 3rd place in the Scolaires race, Chloé Schmit finished 4th and Yanna Schmit 5th Cadette and Carla Bellucci did a 4th rank in the Débutantes race.
08/01/2017 Excellent results from our athlete Ben Steimes at the occasion of the season's first indoor Challenge Tageblatt. He wins both the 800m and the high jump in the Scolaires categories. Furthermore, Tom Nicolas wins the 2003 Minimes Shot put competition, and Sophie Leser wins the 2002 Minimes long jump and gets a 4th rank at the 800m Minimes race. Lilli Lamesch finishes 2nd in the 2002 Minimes long jump.
07/01/2017 During the 1st Regio Indoor Meeting, Sebastien Hoffelt wins the Men's Pole Vault, Lara Buekens wins the Espoirs' Pole vault, Lara Marx wins the 60m B-final, Olivier Boussong finishes 2nd in the 60m B-final, Konstantin Moll 2nd in the 60m Cadets race, Paulo Ramos finishes 3rd over 3000m, Roy Michel gets the 3rd place in the Mens' Pole Vault, Luca Garofalo finishes 3rd over 60m Minimes, Jennifer Chaussy does a 3rd place in the 4kg shot put and Liz Weiler realizes the 4th place in the 3000m race.
02/01/2017 The CAD wishes all his members, athletes, coaches, sponsors, supporters and other friends of the athletics world all the Best for the New Year 2017! HNY 2014
19/12/2016 Excellent results from Paulo Ramos and Sven Remakel at the 3-country-trail, where they finished 2nd and 3rd in the 25km race. Eric Durrer finishes at the 8th rank and his brother Philippe Durrer at the 10th rank. On the 17km distance, Christophe Pirenne finishes 11th.
19/12/2016 At the CAB cross-country Fanny Goy (1st Juniors), Liz Weiler (2nd Ladies), Ben Steimes (3rd Scolaires, on the roght side of the picture) and Pol Stoffel (5th Débutants) again realized nice performances. Ben Steimes
19/12/2016 Added a gallery of pictures shot by Maurizio Sguazzin and Jean-Marie Goy during last weekend's CSL cross.
11/12/2016 During the cross-country event which took place in Luxembourg-Baumbusch this weekend, Ben Steimes (1st Scolaires), Fanny Goy (1st Juniors), Caroline Kutten (2nd Scolaires), Pol Stoffel (4th Débutants) and Liz Weiler (4th Ladies) showed great races!
27/11/2016 At the season's second cross-country which took place in Esch on a new location, excellent results from Pol Stoffel (2nd Débutants), Ben Steimes (2nd Scolaires), Liz Weiler (1st Seniors Women, left picture), Fanny Goy (1st Juniors, right picture) and Paulo Ramos (4th Seniors men). Liz Weiler Fanny Goy
20/11/2016 Some 120 children participated at the Kid's cup in Dudelange. Retrieve the results and the pictures.
13/11/2016 During the first cross-country of the new season, our athletes Liz Weiler (1st Seniors Women), Caroline Kutten (2nd Scolaires fem.) and Ben Steimes (2nd Scolaires male) realized excellent podium places. Retrieve some pictures in the gallery.
22/10/2016 The results of the 6th Haard Trail are now official and we added some 200 pictures of the race.
22/10/2016 Many runners this afternoon at the 6th Haard Trail under good weather conditions! Pierre Perrot and Liz Weiler win the race.
18/09/2016 In an incredibly tight and thrilling battle for the 1st and the 3rd place at the Coupe du Prince, the CSL team eventually takes the win by totalling 16745 points, ahead of last year's winner and co-organizer CAB with 16667 points, and the CAD team with 15243 points. The fourth place went to the Celtic team who realized 15221 points. Before the final 4x400m relay, the CAB team was still leading with 15 points advantage. Nice meeting, nice day and lots of spectators at the Kennedy stadium this afternoon!
17/09/2016 Great team result from our ladies! After having always been on the podium of the Coupe des Dames for the last 20 years, but never having won this competition since 2007, our ladies finally brought the Cup back to Dudelange! By totalling 9937 points, they finished first ahead of CA Fola with 9794 points, and the local Celtic Diekirch team with 9406 points. Well done, ladies! HNY 2014
13/09/2016 At the Paralympic Games in Rio Tom Habscheid set a new personal best in the shot put event by realizing 13.28m. He improved his record established in May by an impressive 27cm, and finished 7th in a field of nine athletes. Congratulations to him and his coach!
11/09/2016 During this weekend's National Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships, Lara Marx got gold in the Ladie's Heptathlon (4709 pts), Michael Auer won the Juniors's Decathlon (5280 pts), Daphnée Ries won the Espoirs' Heptathlon (3242 pts), Nicolas Auer made the 3rd rank in the Espoirs' Decathlon (4332 pts), Delphine Mendes da Costa made bronze in the Cadettes' Heptahlon (3246 pts) and Lily Lamesch got the 3rd rank in the Minimes' Heptathlon (2958 pts).
06/09/2016 The training sessions for the categories benjamins and ludiques (born in 2010 to 2008) will resume on Tuesday September 20th on the J. F. Kennedy stadium at 3 PM. As of then, the sessions will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 4PM.
06/09/2016 Our athlete Tom Habscheid and his coach Fernand Heintz arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Tom will participate in the shot put event of the Paralympics Games in Rio... good luck and all the best to him! HNY 2014
28/08/2016 Retrieve the results of today's International Open Meeting.
17/07/2016 During this weekend's National Championships, the following CAD athletes made it up to the podium: Lara Marx, 1st 110m hurdles, 2nd Long-Jump, 2nd Triple-Jump, 2nd Javelin Throw, 3rd 100m - Isabeau Pleimling, 1st Shot-Put, 2nd Discus, 2nd Hammer-Throw - Noémie Pleimling, 1st Discus - Géraldine Davin, 1st Hammer Throw - Sébastien Hoffelt, 1st Pole-Vault - Gilles Lorang, 1st Hammer Throw - Liz Weiler, 2nd 1500m, 2nd 3000m - Lara Buekens, 2nd Pole-Vault - Olivier Boussong, 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m - Michael Auer, 2nd Pole-Vault - Steve Tonizzo, 2nd Hammer Throw - Mireille Tonizzo-Kosmala, 3rd Hammer Throw - Marc Meyer, 3rd Shot-Put. Congratulations!
10/07/2016 During this weekend's National Youth Championships, the following CAD athletes took medals: Max Koch-Hames, 1st Juniors Shot-Put, 1st Juniors Discus Throw, 2nd Juniors Hammer Throw - Fanny Goy, 1st Cadettes 1500m - Konstantin Moll, 1st Cadets Hammer Throw - Anna Perlic, 1st Minimes Shot-Put, 2nd Minimes Discus Throw - Lara Buekens, 1st Juniors Pole Vault - Michael Auer, 2nd Juniors Pole-Vault, 2nd Juniors High-Jump - Sophie Leser, 2nd Minimes 100m, 3rd Minimes Long Jump - Luca Garofalo, 2nd Minimes Javelin Throw, 2nd Minimes 80m hurdles, 3rd Minimes Long Jump - Delphine Mendes da Costa, 2nd Cadettes 400m - Yanna Schmit, 3rd Minimes 100m. Congratulations!
06/07/2016 At the International Para-Athletics Challenge organized in the framework of the European Championships in Amsterdam, Tom Habscheid improved again the national record by realizing 45.80m in the Discus thow event.
02/07/2016 Yesterday's first edition of the Top Perche in Garnich was quite a success with Chloé Henry (BEL) jumping 4.30m and trying to beat the Belgian National Record twice. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not perfect, with overall some cool wind gusts and a 10 minutes rain shower appearing just when Chloé attemped 4.50m. But still, considering this summer's weather, we were quite lucky. The next edition will be organized in the summer :)
27/06/2016 Added the event flyer for the forthcoming Top Perche in Garnich, co-organized by the CAD, and which will take place in Garnich this Saturday July 2nd at 6 PM. We will have a field of 15 international female athletes with PBs ranging from 4.51 to 3.40.
19/06/2016 Finally! What a weekend! After finishing last year at the second rank at the National Interclub Championships with both the women and the men teams, and a second place for the ladies and a third for the men in 2014, the CAD now won with both teams. The ladies totalled 15837 points, Celtic finished second with 12899 points and CAEG third with 10045 points. The men's team summed up 18443 points, ahead of CSL with 18004 and CA Belvaux with 16347 points. Well done!
14/06/2016 Again excellent news from Tom Habscheid. After getting bronze in the F42 shot put contest by throwing 12.98m at the Paralympics European Championships in Grosseto, Italy, today he makes silver in the discus throwing event and sets a new National record by realizing 45.41m. Congratulations Tom!
26/05/2016 Our athlete Tom Habscheid sets a new National Record in the F42 handisport shot put contest by realizing 13.01m during the ParAthletics Grand Prix in Nottwil, Switzerland. Congratulations!
22/05/2016 Retrieve the results of today's International Open Meeting.
08/05/2016 Congratulations to our girls who won this weekend's Youth Interclub Championships in Grevenmacher by totaling 17348 points, clearly ahead of the local CAEG team (14409) and Celtic (12072). Our boys also made a podium place by finishing 3rd with 16048 points, behind the wining team of CSL (22343) and second CAEG (18482). Main contributor in the girls team was Yanna Schmit (1st in the 400m race and 3rd in the 800m race).
27/04/2016 Yesterday our athlete Géraldine Davin has set a new National record in 4kg hammer throwing by realizing 49.24m during the Meurthe-et-Moselle Championships in Tomblaine (Nancy). Congratulations!
24/04/2016 Added the results of this weekend's National long distance and hurdles championships, and the throwing events meeting, which were both organized by the CAD.
22/04/2016 At tonight's throwing events meeting in Grevenmacher, our athlete Tom Habscheid set a new National Record in the F42 handisport shot put contest by realizing 12.94m. Other good results from Lara Marx, Annette Kohl, Luca Garofalo, Nicolas Auer, Mireille Tonizzo, Steve Tonizzo and Gilles Lorang.
16/04/2016 Quite poor weather conditions, but a lot of participants during today's Challenge Tageblatt 1, which took place in Dudelange.
14/04/2016 Next Monday the City of Dudelange will organize a seminar about sports(wo)men nutrition. Free entry but registration requested!
12/04/2016 Added 424 pictures of this weekend's 39th Tour de Dudelange, check them out!
10/04/2016 The same winners as last year during the 39th Tour de Dudelange with Yonas Kindé and Nathalie Da Ponte finishing first.
09/04/2016 On Monday April 4th, some CAD representatives met some Dudelange representatives in order to present an exciting project draft for an indoor hall located on the current Kennedy stadium site.
13/03/2016 Added the results of the first CAD meeting of this year, the throwing events meeting, which took place yesterday in Zoufftgen under chilly but great weather!
06/03/2016 During the 100th National Cross Championships, our ladies team wins the overall interclub ranking. Podium places go to Fanny Goy (1st Cadette), Liz Weiler (2nd seniors fem.) and Pia Wiltgen (3rd seniors fem.)
02/03/2016 The inscriptions for the forthcoming 39th Tour de Dudelange are open now! New feature, you can pay online via PayPal, credit card or SEPA.
07/02/2016 During a meeting in Magglingen, Switzerland, our athlete Fanny Goy set yesterday a new national best performance in the 1000m Cadettes, by finishing in 2:57.91, and improving the record from Charline Mathias by more than 4 seconds! Great job!
31/01/2016 At Saturday's 14th Vectis Indoor Meeting at the Coque, two of our athletes realized great performances: by throwing 12.71m in the second attempt of the 6kg shot put competition, Tom Habscheid set a new national paralympics record. And by finishing the 800m in 2:16.87, Fanny Goy set a new club record for the Espoirs, Juniors and the Cadettes categories. Well done!
24/01/2016 During today's Indoor Challenge Tageblatt, good results from Luca Garofalo (60m Minimes 7.93, 7th), Sophie Leser (60m Minimes 8.47, 2nd), Yanna Schmit (60m Minimes 8.47, 3rd), Anna Perlic (shot put Minimes 8.70m, 2nd), Tom Nicolas (long jump Scolaires 4.54m, 3rd), Ben Steimes (long jump Scolaires 4.14m, 6th), Melvin Spoden (long jump Scolaires 4.12m, 8th) and Carla Bellucci (high jump Débutantes 1.10m, 1st).
23/01/2016 At this weekend's National Indoor Championships, the following CAD athletes made it up to the podium: Lara Marx (1st long jump, 1st triple jump, 2nd 60m hurdles, 2nd pole vault), Sebastien Hoffelt (1st pole vault), Olivier Boussong (2nd 200m, 3rd 60m), Pia Wiltgen (2nd 1500m), Fanny Goy (3rd 800m), Lara Buekens (3rd pole vault) and Michael Auer (3rd 60m hurdles). Check this article to find some pictures of the podiums.
17/01/2016 Under nice winter weather conditions, today's Cross Country - Challenge Peters 6 took place in the Parc Le'h in Dudelange. Good participation and quite a few spectators were there! Christian Molitor and Liz Weiler are the winners of the Mixed Short-Cross.
16/01/2016 At the Indoor Meeting Regio 2, Konstantin Moll throws 11.58m at the Cadets Shot Put, Lara Marx jumps 1.61m in the High jump competition, Olivier Boussong finishes the 200m in a very good 22.64, Max Koch-Hames throws 12.25m in the 6kg Shot Put, Anna Perlic throws 9.01m in the 3kg Shot Put and Sophie Leser realizes a nice 27.32 in the 200m Minimes race.
10/01/2016 During an indoor meeting in Saarbrucken, Valentin Moll set a new national best by realizing 16.93m in the Cadets 5kg Shot Put. Congratulations!
10/01/2016 During today's Indoor Challenge Tageblatt, good results from Pit Brandenburger (Shot Put Minimes 9.70m, 3rd), Yanna Schmit (800m Minimes 2:34:01, 7th), Lili Lamesch (Long jump Minimes 4.58m, 3rd), Melvin Spoden (High jump Scolaires 1.40m, 3rd), Tim Schaeffer (High jump Scolaires 1.30m, 6th), Ben Steimes (High jump Scolaires 1.30m, 7th), Luca Costantini (High jump Débutants 1.15m, 3rd), Gino Garofalo (High jump Débutants 1.15m, 7th), Lena do Carmo (Long jump Débutantes 3.25m, 4th) and Carla Bellucci (Long jump Débutantes 3.15m, 6th).
09/01/2016 At the Indoor Meeting Regio 1, nice performances from Luca Garofalo (60m hurdles Minimes 10.24), Nicolas Auer (60m hurdles 9.42, Pole Vault Espoirs 3.60m), Michael Auer (60m hurdles 9.57, Pole Vault 4.20m), Lara Marx (Long jump 5.72m, Pole Vault 3.60m), Olivier Boussong (60m 7.27), Thierry Mertz (Shot Put 12.64m), Fernand Heintz (Shot Put 12.49m), Tom Habscheid (Shot Put 11.57m), Lara Buekens (Pole Vault Juniors 3.40m), Sebastien Hoffelt (Pole Vault 4.70m) and Roy Michel (Pole Vault 4.00m).
04/01/2016 During yesterday's Cross Country in Grevenmacher, nice results from Liz Weiler (1st Women), Fanny Goy (1st Cadettes), Jordan da Silva (3rd Espoirs), Claudine Gilson (4th Women) and Florence Duwe (6th Minimes).
25/12/2015 The CAD wishes all his members, athletes, coaches, sponsors, supporters and other friends of the athletics world happy holiday season and all the Best for the New Year 2016! HNY 2014
14/12/2015 Again good result from Liz Weiler, who finishes 2nd at yesterday's Cross-Country in Luxembourg-Baumbusch in the Ladies' race. Delphine Mendes Da Costa finishes 3rd Cadette, Florence Duwe 6th Minime, Pol Stoffel 5th Débutant, Gil Nicola 7th Popular race Men and Pia Wiltgen 6th at the Ladies' race.
06/12/2015 During today's Cross Country in Belvaux, good results from Liz Weiler (1st Women) and Pol Stoffel (3rd Débutants).
26/11/2015 Last Thursday, no less than 49 athletes of the CAD have been honored during the ceremony "Diddeleng éiert seng Sportler" (Dudelange honors its athletes). Congratulations to every single athlete, you are all ambassadors of Dudelange and athletics!
08/11/2015 Next Saturday, November 14th, we will organize a Kid's Cup at the Annexe Alliance sports hall.
10/10/2015 Today's 5th Haard Trail was again a nice race. Matthieu Gandolfi (Team My Sport) finishes first at the Men's Race. Two athletes of the CAD completed the podium: Paulo Ramos and Christophe Pirenne. At the ladies race, excellent performance from Fanny Goy (CAD) who takes the win, Isabelle Klein (Trilux) gets the second place and Feriel Talbi (Fola Laftreff) finishes 3rd.
21/09/2015 During yesterday's Coupe du Prince, the CAD team finishes at the 3rd place with a total of 14553 pts, behind the teams of CAB (16926 pts) and CSL (16815 pts).
20/09/2015 During Saturday's Coupe des Dames in Diekirch, our ladies finish again at the excellent 2nd rank by realizing 8866 pts, behind the dominating team of Celtic Diekirch (10035 pts). The ladies team of CSL got bronze with a total of 8627 pts.
19/09/2015 The Ludiques and Benjamin(e)s training will resume again next Tuesday, September 22nd, after the summer vacation break. Where? J.F. Kennedy stadium. When? Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 PM. How? Dress according to the current weather conditions :) Who's there? The trainers are Tessy, Gaby and Marie-France.
13/09/2015 Added the results of last Saturday's international open meeting.
31/08/2015 Added the results of Saturday's throwing events meeting in Zoufftgen.
23/08/2015 The inscriptions are now open for the 5th Haard Trail taking place on Saturday, October 10th!
05/08/2015 Silver for Mireille Tonizzo-Kosmala at the Masters World Championships in Lyon, France, yesterday, when she realized 13.42m in the weight throwing W45 competition. Well done! HNY 2014
29/07/2015 Our athlete Tom Habscheid was in the news today (L'essentiel). This Tuesday he received from the Ministry of Sports a new hitech prothesis, which hopefully will help him for new personal bests in the future, and bring him to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
25/07/2015 Paulo Ramos finished on the excellent 5th rank at the main 10km race of the 23rd Jeekelslaf, finishing in 34:18. Other good performances from Eric Durrer (8 - 35:15), Christophe Pirenne (13 - 38:03), Marc Jander (14 - 38:05) and Philippe Durrer (16 - 39:05).
19/07/2015 During this weekend's National Championships in Grevenmacher, the following CAD athletes got medals: Lara Marx: 1st Long jump Women, 2nd Pole Vault Women, 2nd Triple jump Women, 3rd 100m Women - Isabeau Pleimling: 1st Discus Throw Women - Lara Buekens: 1st Pole Vault Women - Fanny Goy: 2nd 1500m Women - Michel Roy: 1st Pole Vault Men, 3rd Javelin Throw Men - Tom Habscheid: 2nd Discus Throw Men - Nicolas Auer: 2nd Javelin Throw Men - Olivier Boussong: 3rd 200m Men - Marc Meyer: 3rd Discus Throw Men. Congratulations to all of them!
17/07/2015 At a meeting in Ludweiler, Saarland, Valentin Moll improved the national best performance in discus throw Cadets (1.5kg) to 45.36m!
08/07/2015 Our athlete Fanny Goy has set 2 new club records recently. Today at the Fola Nocturne she improved the 1000m record from Cadettes to Espoirs to 3:02:04, and 4 days earlier at the Championships she improved the 800m Cadettes record to 2:18:92.
04/07/2015 Not as hot as feared by many, but still under hot weather conditions, the second day of the National Youth Championships gave a few good results.
03/07/2015 Added the results of the first day of the National Youth Championships. The program for Saturday has been delayed by 2 hours due to the hot weather conditions.
14/06/2015 Great new from Esch! The CAD ladies won this weekend's National Interclub Youth Championships by totalling 17560 pts, ahead of the Fola team (14336 pts) and the Celtic team (12885 pts). Our boys finished third by realizing 18392 pts, behind the winning team of CSL (22423 pts) and seond CAEG (18713 pts).
17/05/2015 Added the results of this afternoon's first international open meeting of the season and the National Steeple Championships.
04/05/2015 Excellent news after this weekend's National Interclub Championships, where the CAD teams got twice the silver medal! Like last year, the ladies made the second place with a total of 13163 points, behind Celtic (16179) and ahead of CSL (12720). The men team improved the ranking by one place versus last year, and by totalling 16081 points, finished behind CSL (18563) but just ahead of Celtic (16067).
27/04/2015 Added the results of yesterday's throwing events meeting and the National Hammerthrow Championships which took place on the Zoufftgen throwing field. Podium places go to the CAD thanks to Isabeau Pleimling (1st), Lara Marx (3rd), Fernand Heintz (2nd) and Marc Meyer (3rd).
25/04/2015 Added the results of today's first Challenge tageblatt which took place in Dudelange.
09/04/2015 Added the program of the forthcoming throwing events meeting with the National Hammerthrow Championships, which will take place in Zoufftgen on April 26th.
28/03/2015 Great news from Torun, Poland. At the 10th European Masters Athletics Indoor Championships, our athlete Mireille Tonizzo-Kosmala wins the title of European Champion W45 in weight throw, and becomes European Vice-Champion W45 in hammer throw 4kg. Steve Tonizzo, takes bronze in hammer throw M40, and gets the 4th rank in weight throw M40. And finally our athlete Claude Hemmer won the silver medal in the 60m hurdles race W65. Congratulations to the three CAD athletes!
27/03/2015 Added 481 pictures of last weekend's 38th Tour de Dudelange, together with a link to Edith Ludivig's gallery with over 700 more pictures.
22/03/2015 During the 38th Tour de Dudelange Yonas Kindé and Nathalie Da Ponte win the race, and the National Champion titles go to Pol Mellina and Martine Mellina.
08/03/2015 Added the results of the first CAD meeting of this year, the throwing events meeting, which took place today in Zoufftgen under great weather!
07/03/2015 During yesterday's General Assembly of the club and in front of many CAD members, Jean Lorang was awarded the CAD plaquette, and Jean-Marie Kraus was named Honorary President.
09/02/2015 The inscriptions for the forthcoming 38th Tour de Dudelange (National 10km Championships) are open now! Be fast to profit from the additional T-shirt option until March 1st!
18/01/2015 Nice results this weekend during the 32nd Indoor National Championships! The following CAD athletes took medals: Lara Buekens: 1st pole vault women - Lara Marx: 2nd pole vault women - Olivier Boussong: 1st 60m men - 2nd 200m men - Gil Nicola: 3rd 400m men - Wesley Charlet: 2nd 60m hurdles - Michel Roy: 3rd pole vault men - Marc Meyer: 2nd shot put men - Fernand Heintz: 3rd shot put men. Congratulations!
11/01/2015 Added the results of today's first indoor Challenge Tageblatt, co-organized by FLA and CAD.

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