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Older News (Archive)

from 2000 to 2002


The Josy Barthel Cross-Country took place in Mamer under nasty weather conditions. Results of CAD athletes now on-line.


Added information (time table, map) on the CAD Cross Country which will take place the 02/02/2003. Check it out!


Check out the results section... we planned to put the results of our athletes on-line for all major non-CAD organisations. See for example the results at last Sunday's CAS Cross Country.


Download the information sheet for the CAD Eastern training camp in Lloret del Mar (Spain) from April 12th to 19th. If you want to participate, then make sure you send in your registration as soon as possible!

CAD Eastern training camp information sheet (104 KB)


Check out the results of the international Républicain Lorrain Cross at Metz (France).


The CAD women team wins the "Coupe des Dames" with a total of 9820 pts, ahead of last year's winner CSL (9674) and FOLA (7746). The CAD men team gets the good third ranking, totalling 15066 pts, behind winner CSL (16065) and second FOLA (15644).


What a weather and what a meeting! The CADIE tetrathlon had a new participant record (271 youngsters and an additional 50 Ludiques), and the 2nd Memorial Sam Besch presented two very interesting high jump contests.


The press conference for the 2nd Memorial Sam Besch took place at the offices of Ramirez Data, the main sponsor. You may now find the official participants list online.

09/06/2002 Added results of the events of the weekend: 5th Midnight Race, and the first part of the National Junior Championships.
26/05/2002 Added results of last week's international meeting in Dudelange, and added inscription page for the forthcoming 5th Midnight Race.
11/05/2002 Find updated information pages on two of the forthcoming highlight meetings: Memorial Sam Besch (alias Ramirez Data Jump, highjump meeting) and Memorial Sven Gales (hurdles meeting) in memory of our two athletes.
28/04/2002 The weather conditions were not terrific for this season's opening meeting, the Challenge FLA. The CAD ladies team finished at the first place with a total of 7247 points, far in front of the Celtic team with 5089 points. The CAD men team finished third with a total of 8388 points, behind the CSL team (9005) and CAEG (8608). See the Celtic site for the complete results.
14/04/2002 The results from the 26th Tour de Dudelange have been reviewed and officialized.
07/04/2002 Find the (yet unofficial) results from the 26th Tour de Dudelange.
21/03/2002 Added on-line information and inscription form for the 26th Tour de Dudelange.
06/01/2002 All CAD members are invited to attend the CAD General Assembly, which will be held at the "Centre Hild" near the main station on Saturday, January 26th 2002. Start at 19:30. Please inform Jean Lorang in case you will attend.
30/09/2001 Two CAD athletes participated at the 28th Marathon Run in Berlin. Julien Birgen finishes 481st with 2:50:51 and Claude Tex 684th with 2:54:46
23/09/2001 The fusion club CSL wins both Coupe des Dames and Coupe du Prince. The women team of the CAD gets the second place, whereas the men get the fourth rank.
22/09/2001 Added the results of the Former Masters Championships and of the Youth Cup, which took place two weekends ago.
22/07/2001 Added 1 MB of pictures from last week's "Memorial Sam Besch" and CADIE Tetrathlon for youngsters. Check out the results section!
15/07/2001 Alina Astafei and Tora Harris are the winners of this year's Dexia-BIL Jump "Memorial Sam Besch", which was a big popular success. Find the results and some pictures...
15/07/2001 CSL won the first place in the Challenge Heintz during the traditional CADIE Tetrathlon. CAD got second, CAB third. Find the results and some pictures...
08/07/2001 CSL and CAD twice got the two first places during the interclub champions. While our ladies' team got the title for the sixth time in a row (congratulations!), and CSL second, the CSL men team very clearly defeated all other clubs, including CAD on the second rank. Find the complete results...
08/07/2001 Updated participants list for the edition 2001 of the (already) traditional Dexia-Jump meeting. Rhoden, Kähler and de Paepe cancelled (all three injured), but Kreissig and Astafei confirmed.
10/06/2001 The results of the 4th Midnight Race in Bettembourg are available. Check out the results section here!
26/05/2001 Happy birthday! The new CAD site has been operational for exactly 2 years, and has known close to 4000 unique visits (we missed it by 20 hits...). The initial CAD site hosted on Geocities started up 4 years ago.
22/05/2001 Due to a slight technical problem, we can only publish the results of the Challenge Tageblatt 2 by today... but as a compensation you will find some pictures of this nice meeting.
16/05/2001 Find brand new pictures of both the women and the men team for the season 2001, taken during yesterday's photoshooting for the team presentation for the ECCC women 2001 - to be published in the next edition of the Revue.
01/05/2001 Our athlete Julien Birgen ranks second in a half-marathon in Frassem (BEL). On a very difficult track he realises 1h26'02, Lee Jaas ranks 57th in 1h41'19" and Jean-Michel Wahl 125th in 1h49'27".
28/04/2001 The weather - as expected - was at its best for the opening meeting of this summer season... Permanent rain showers and a fresh wind explain that both participation and performances were mostly lower than standard. Romain Possing and Pascale Schmoetten (both Celtic) get the National Title over 10km. Read more...
24/04/2001 Added programme of the opening meeting of Saturday 28th April in Dudelange.
18/04/2001 The first CAD Yearbook is finally available! It will be handed out to our athletes during the next days. Other occasions in acquiring a copy will be during our first meetings, or simply contact our Secretary.
01/04/2001 An overwhelming 320 athletes passed the finish line during the main race of the 25th Tour de Dudelange. Its winners are Rischard Mutai (Kenya) and Pascale Schmoetten (Celtic Diekirch). Find more...
28/03/2001 For the first time since its creation, the CAD homepage has known more than 500 unique visitors per month (March), mostly coming from Luxembourg... and there are still 3 days left! At this place, we want to thank all our visitors who are checking out the pages regularly.
26/03/2001 We want to apologize for the problems encountered today, March 26th, with on-line inscription for the Tour de Dudelange and the CADIE meeting... but that's what happens if you change too many things at a time ;-)
11/03/2001 Even if the weather was not at its best, the 85th National Cross Country Championships were a popular success with overall 426 finishing athletes. Check out the results!

The first edition of the CAD Yearbook will be available very soon.

Find more information of the CAD Yearbook edition 2000.

04/03/2001 Added on-line information and inscription forms for the biggest CAD events of this season: National Cross Country Championships, Tour de Dudelange, CADIE tetrathlon, and Dexia Top-Highjump.
20/01/2001 More than 100 members attended this year's General Assembly in the Centre Hild.
23/11/2000 The record lists have now been updated. Check out in the records section!
15/11/2000 Mainly due to the fusion of Spora and CAL, 21 athletes will join C.A. Dudelange for the season 2001. The names are: Sandy Debra, Tessy Debra, Jessica Domingues, Michel Dupont, Claire Egan, Lydia Egan, Anna Hirsch, Olivier Hoffelt, Sébastian Hoffelt, Caroline Jansäcker, Emilie Jansäcker, Anne-Frédérique Krier, Liz Kuffer, Maria Laval, Heike Mathias, Randy Paulino, Brigitte Paulus, Jean Paulus (coach), Jean Toully (coach), Kevin Velter and Michel Velter. We would like to warmly welcome the new athletes and coaches and we wish them all the best!
14/11/2000 Updated the Regional Event List with the events of the winter season. For CAD's big event (National Cross Country Championships), we are looking for some helping hands. If you feel interested, please contact Jean Lorang or Jean-Marie Kraus.
In some days, the record lists will be updated after the 2000 summer season. Check out regularly!
19/09/2000 CA Luxembourg won this year's edition of the Coupe des Dames. The CAD team got the second place.
10/09/2000 The results of the Dexia Games Tetrathlon can be found here!
02/09/2000 The results of the first Former Masters Meeting can be found here!
30/07/2000 Finally added results of the CADIE triathlon for youngsters, editions 1999 and 2000.

C.A. Dudelange and the whole sports world in Luxembourg are in a deep grief. Last Friday morning, Sam Besch (19) and Sven Gales (20) found death in a tragic car accident. Not only were they most talented and hard training athletes, but also always nice and good humoured guys.

Find the rest of the article on the special Sam & Sven page.

16/07/2000 Winners of the Dexia jump 2000 high jump meeting are Christian Rhoden (GER, 2.30m) and Maria Melova (SVK, 1.90m). Detailed results available here.
15/07/2000 Updated inscriptions for the Dexia High Jump meeting available! Lee Jin-Taek added, Heike Henkel probably cancelled.
13/07/2000 Updated inscriptions for the Dexia High Jump meeting available! Amongst Heike Henkel, meeting record holder Christian Rhoden will also participate this year.
29/06/2000 Preliminary inscriptions for the Dexia High Jump meeting are online! German top high jumper Heike Henkel has confirmed her participation.
17/06/2000 The results of the 3rd Midnight Race in Bettembourg are available. Check out the results section here!
04/06/2000 Excellent performance of Sven Gales at the Lux-Cup 3 meeting. Realising 14"83 in the 110m hurdles event (personal best), he missed the minima for San Marino by just 3 hundredths of a second!
03/06/2000 A team of the CAD (composed of Monique Bausch, Sam Besch, Eric Corrignan, Christian Rischard and Claude Schaeffer) participated at the VIP-Tournament of the T71 Streetball Contest. They finished at the third place, which was unfortunately also ... last! Yep...!
28/05/2000 European Champion Clubs Cup 2000 in Dudelange: what a nice meeting! Finally, everything was at its best, even the weather... Unfortunately, our team could not prevent getting the last rank. Find the results and some pictures of the event on this site.
07/05/2000 The CAD team twice on the podium of the Challenge FLA! The ladies team gets a first place, and the men team gets a third place. The winner of the men challenge is once again very clearly C.A. Spora.
06/05/2000 C. A. Fola (women) and C. A. Spora (men) are the current leaders after the first day of the Challenge FLA. Check out the in-depth results!
30/04/2000 Four national records or national best performances have been realised during the Lux-Cup 1, this year's opening track meeting. Martine Brachtenbach (100m hurdles Esp.: 15"04), Sven Forster (Javelin Min.: 49.62m), Joëlle Scheer (Pole vault Sen.: 3.10m) and Charles de Ridder (Hammer throw Sen.: 70.15m) who, after an enormous progression, threw for the very first time more than 70m! Congratulations!
09/04/2000 You may find the results of the 24th edition of the Tour de Dudelange on these pages!
19/03/2000 Inscribe yourself for the 'Tour de Dudelange'. Get all the latest information for the 24th edition on this site!
12/03/2000 The CAD ladies win the Cross Country Overall Ranking (985.625 pts). Podium places go to Mandy Charlet (2nd, Minimes), Ramses Henin (2nd, Espoirs), Claudine Bausch (3rd, Espoirs) and Sven Remakel (3rd, Débutants). Congratulations!
13/02/2000 Check out the results of the international CAD cross and the Le'h Race!
23/01/2000 Check out the newly updated regional events list with the complete FLA program and some interesting events abroad and also the newly added best ever record list of CAD!
22/01/2000 The General Assembly of C.A. Dudelange took place in the Centre Hild (main station) on Saturday in front of approx. 100 members.
12/01/2000 The club bulletin 'La Piste' edition 3/99 is now available! If you are a member of C.A. Dudelange, you'll find it in your mail box within the next few days!

After some server problems during the last few days we are back! Best wishes for the new year 2000!

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