11 medals at the National Championships

That’s how fast it can go: After the National Championships this weekend, the highlight of the winter season is already over. Our CAD athletes competed in 6 different disciplines and brought home 1x gold, 7x silver and 3x bronze. Traditionally, we were particularly successful in the high jump and shot put, both in the men’s and women’s events.
Here are all our placings:

Olivier Boussong, 7,22 seconds, VICE CHAMPION
Hugo Terver, 7,22 seconds
Luca Costantini, 7,64 seconds
Lilly Gerhard, 8,35 seconds
Carla Bellucci, 8,51 seconds
Lejla Ceman, 8,82 seconds

Olivier Boussong, 23,06 seconds, VICE CHAMPION
Luca Costantini, 23,75 seconds (PB), 4th
Luca Pagnacco, 23,85 seconds, 6th

Matteo Bellucci, 51,67 seconds, 3RD
Claire Klein Schlentz, 66,82 seconds

High jum
Jon Bourscheid, 1m88, CHAMPION
Luca Costantini, 1m80, 4rd
Mia Bourscheid, 1m61, VICE-CHAMPIONNE
Lena Do Carmo, 1m55, 3RD
Eve Lambert, 1m50
Carla Bellucci, 1m40

Long jump
Carla Bellucci, 4m56
Lena Do Carmo, 4m48

Shot put
Olivier Caron, 14m60, VICE-CHAMPION of the federatioun
Lilly Gerhard, 14m31, VICE-CHAMPION of the federatioun
Tom Habscheid, 11m76, VICE-CHAMPION
Marc Meyer, 11m60, 3RD
Nadine Kremer, 11m17, VICE-CHAMPION
Fernand Heintz, 10m93, 4ten
Claire Hagen, 8m55 (PB), 6t