46th Tour de Dudelange

46th Tour de Dudelange

Race information

Date: Sunday, March 24th, 2024

Location: John F. Kennedy stadium, Dudelange

Distance: 10 km, asphalted surface and partially forest tracks

Changing rooms and secretariat: John F. Kennedy stadium, Dudelange (see map below)

Timing: With single-usage chip fixed to the bib included in the registration fee.

Fees: For any early registration done by online registration until 03-MAR-2024 latest: 10 EUR
For any early registration done by online registration after 03-MAR-2024 and latest until 21-MAR-2024: 12 EUR
You are requested to pay your early registration fee online or by money transfer to our bank account.
Late registrations on the day of the race are possible as of 13:30 (1:30 PM) for a fee of 15 EUR (Cash, Payconiq or credit card).

Bank account: BCEE LU57 0019 7000 0333 9000

Kids races: Before the 10km race there will be free children’s races from U8 to U14. Please use the form below to register your children.

Course: Download the course of the race for your GPS smartwatch: TCXGPX

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15:15Mini Race (725m), born 2017-2019
15:20Benjamin:e:s U10 (725m), born 2015-2016
15:25Débutant:e:s U12 (1450m), born 2013-2014
15:35Scolaires U14 (1450m), born 2011-2012
16:0046th Tour de Dudelange


Access: We recommend using the free public transportation in Luxembourg to come to the venue. Within a distance of 650m you find the train stop Dudelange-Burange (1 train every 30 minutes), and bus stops of TICE lines 8 and 9 (called every hour).

Please note that the organizer cannot be made responsible for any incidents taking place before, during or after any of the races.

Registrations kids races

Pre-registration is no longer possible, but late registrations on site are possible until 15:00.

Winners of previous editions

2023Yonas Kinde (Celtic Diekirch)32'22"Tetyana Vernygor (CS Luxembourg)38'01"
2022Bob Bertemes (Celtic Diekirch)32'15"Eva Daniels (CAEG)35'54"
2020Charel Grethen (CS Luxembourg)31'19"Irine Jalagat36'25"
2019Max Lallemang (CA Fola)33'15"Liz Weiler (CAD)39'42"
2018Yonas Kinde (Celtic Diekirch)32'24"Liz Weiler (CAD)39'15"
2017Yonas Kinde (Celtic Diekirch)30'55"Martine Melina (Celtic Diekirch)38'09"
2016Yonas Kinde (Celtic Diekirch)31'51"Nathalie Da Ponte (ASSA)37'24"
2015Yonas Kinde (CA Belvaux)31'02"Nathalie Da Ponte (ASSA)35'53"
2014Yonas Kinde (CA Belvaux)32'57"Nathalie Da Ponte (Celtic)35'45"
2013Peter Wanjiru (Ind.)30'20"Ferahiwat Koenigs (Celtic)37'59"
2012Omar Errachidi (Longwy)32'20"Claudine Bausch (CAD)41'45"
2011Hicham Adibab (CA Fola)32'41"Nancy Gasperini (Celtic)40'18"
2009Fränk Schweitzer (Ind.)33'43"Tania Harpes (CAD)38'55"
2008Christian Molitor (Celtic)32'28"Tanja Schmidt (LC Saucony Saar)38'37"
2007Abdel Tayss (ASSA)32'19"Stefanija Vilniute (ASSA)36'53"
2006Omar Errachidi (CSL)33'28"Nathalie Loubele (BBS)35'52"
2005Omar Errachidi (CSL)32'16"Stefanija Vilniute (ASSA)37'27"
2004Omar Errachidi (CSL)31'21"Stefanija Vilniute (ASSA)37'08"
2003Omar Errachidi (Ind.)32'03"Pascale Schmoetten (Celtic)37'31"
2002Eddi Vandeputte (RCA Spa)31'37"Line Dupont (Celtic)38'22"
2001Rischard Mutay (Kenya)29'23"Pascale Schmoetten (Celtic)37'57"
2000Jacqson Korir (Kenya)30'19"Lwiza John (Tansania)35'52"
1999Alain Vandercammen (Celtic)31'32"Christine Miltgen (Spora)37'42"
1998Uwe Hartmann (GER)32'05"Nancy Kemp (Tri-93)37'34"
1997Wolfgang Koch (GER)30'40"Josée Lorsché (CAD)39'28"
1996Jhemp Ernzen (CAEG)30'36"Tania Fransissi (Fola)36'21"
1995Thierry Jacob (CAL)31'37"Monique Modert (RRE)38'40"
1994Gerdy Roose (CAL)32'05"Danièle Kaber (RBUAP)35'28"
1993Gerdy Roose (CAL)31'02"Danièle Kaber (RBUAP)35'44"