General Assembly CAD 2022

The General Assembly 2022 of the Cercle Athlétique Dudelange took place on Saturday 25 March 2023 at the Centre Hild in Dudelange, in front of some 75 members, athletes, friends and guests.

This year it was a very special edition, the first one for more than 50 years without Jean Lorang. At the beginning, the president Josée Lorsché commemorated Jean, his merits and his exemplary commitment. After the speech, some nice pictures of Jean were shown on the screen, from the beginning of his involvement in the 1960s, until October 2022, when Jean was still helping out at the Haard Trail.

Josée Lorsché then welcomed the participants and introduced the General Assembly. The good understanding and the friendly atmosphere within the club were especially mentioned by the President, and she thanked all the members of the CAD for their contribution during the year, and congratulated the athletes for their good sports results. Various activity and financial reports were presented by Marie-France Saeul, Olivier Boussong, Claude Schaeffer and Tom Michels.

Loris Spina, Sports lay assessor, also spoke about the good atmosphere in the CAD, and also commemorated Jean Lorang. He appreciated the work that the club does in the field of youth. With great anticipation, the audience listened to the latest news about the indoor hall project. The project has progressed well, it has been completely revised recently, and it is expected that it will go to the town council after the Easter holidays.

Then it was the turn of Fabio Secci, representative of the FLA, to address encouraging words to the club. He mentioned the good cooperation between the CAD and the FLA, and underlined that the CAD is known for its good support of events with many volunteers.

The municipality of Dudelange was also represented by René Manderscheid, lay assessor, and Semiray Ahmedova, councillor.

The General Assembly was closed with the traditional spaghetti, which is well known!