Medals and personal bests at the Youth Championships

1 and 2 July was the highlight of the athletics season for our youth with the Youth Championships. Many of our athletes were in action and brought home not only best performances but also a collection of medals.
Here are our podium finishes:

1st place
Fränz Müller, discus
Mia Bourscheid, high jump
Caroline Kutten, javelin
Lena Koch, discus
Melvin Spoden, javelin
Luca Costantini, 400m




2nd place
Luca Costantini, long jump
Lena Do Carmo, high jump
Pol Muller, discus
Carla Bellucci, long jump
Yannick Berns, javelin
Mex Krecké, javelin
Lena Koch, shot put
Luca Costantini, high jump

3rd place
Melvin Spoden, shot put
Leonie Bressler, 800m
Mex Krecké, pole vault
Melvin Spoden, 110 m hurdles
Dylan Meyers, 400m
Luca Costantini, 100m

© Dany Wallenborn, Georges Forster, Harry Daemen, Henri Weyer