A shower of medals at the national youth championships

This weekend, our youngsters performed well at the national youth championships and brought home 30 medals. Mia and Jon, who won 4 medals each, as well as Pol, Caroline and Mex, with three each, deserve special mention.
Jon, Pol, Caroline, Luca and Lena also stood out with two gold medals each.
Last but not least, Mex broke another club record with his 11m54 in the triple jump, synonymous with the bronze medal.
Congratulations to all!

High jump – Eve Lambert, Jon Bourscheid
Pole vault – Jon Bourscheid, Mex Krecké
Discus – Pol Muller, Lena Koch
Javelin – Caroline Kutten, Mex Krecké
200m – Luca Costantini
Long jump – Mia Bourscheid
Shot put – Lena Koch
100m – Caroline Kutten, Luca Costantini
Hammer – Pol Muller

200m – Hugo Terver, Caroline Kutten
800m – Leonie Bressler
High jump – Mia Bourscheid
Discus – Jon Bourscheid
Shot put – Jon Bourscheid, Pol Muller
100m – Amandine Charlon
400m – Leonie Bressler

Triple jump – Mex Krecké
Javelin – Mia Bourscheid
High jump – Lena Do Carmo
Long jump – Hannah Back
100m – Hannah Back, Hugo Terver
Shot put – Mia Bourscheid