Sports award 2024

This Thursday, our athletes were honoured for their national championship titles for the 2023 season.
Congratulations to Noémie Pleimling, Isabeau Pleimling, Tommy Bourscheid, Mia Bourscheid, Jon Bourscheid, Carla Bellucci, Melvin Spoden, Luca Costantini, Caroline Kutten, Lena Koch, Fränz Muller, Olivier Boussong, Poli Stoffel and Lily Gerhard.

They would not have been able to achieve their good results without their coaches, which is why they too were honoured by the city of Dudelange:
Danielle Lorang, Tommy Bourscheid, Isabelle Bourscheid, Wesley Charlet, Yanis Braze, Marc Meyer, Thomas Auer, Tom Bäcker, Jett Schaeffer.

Congratulations to everyone and keep up the good work in 2024!