Sports award ceremony Dudelange

On Thursday, the municipality of Dudelange honoured its athletes. Its athletes who were national champions in 2022 and also some who achieved great success internationally. The CAD was also represented by a number of athletes:
Hammer: Isabeau Pleimling and Gilles Lorang
Javelin: NoƩmie Pleimling, Lilly Gerhard and Melvin Spoden
Shot put: Nadine Kremer and Lilly Gerhard
Discus: Lilly Gerhard
High jump: Mia Bourscheid and Luca Costantini
Long jump: Luca Costantini
Pole vault: Melvin Spoden
Multiple events: Carla Bellucci and Melvin Spoden
4x100m relay: Carla Bellucci, Mia Bourscheid, Lena Do Carmo and Claire Klein-Schlentz
3000m steeplechase: Liz Weiler

Congratulations to all the athletes and good luck for next weekend when it comes to defending these titles at the National Championships.