The indoor season has started

The indoor season kicked off on 16 and 22 December with the Regiomeetings 1 and 2. Our athletes were able to test their form over unconventional distances and see where they stand in training.

Regio Meeting 1
Thierry Kalmes (high jump, 1m63), Eve Lambert (shot put 3kg, 8m56), Lena Koch (shot put 3kg, 8m24), Laura Zeimet (long jump, 4m44) and Lejla Ceman (long jump, 4m35) placed well in the technical disciplines.
Three athletes placed in the top 10 in the long distances: Mex Krecké (1000m, 2:54.47 minutes), Gabriel De Menezes Carvalho (1000m, 3:06.28 minutes) and Pol Stoffel (5000m, 15:54.28 minutes). Several athletes were fast over 150 metres: Hugo Terver (17’10 seconds), Mex Krecké (19’18 seconds), Thierry Kalmes (20’19 seconds), Gabriel De Menezes Carvalho (20’33 seconds), Dan Hulten (20’35 seconds).

Regio Meeting 2
Louis Bellini threw his 4-kg shot put to 8.55 m and Pol Mullers his 6-kg shot put to 8.82 m. Hannah Back ran the 60 metres in 8’55 seconds, Lejla Ceman in 8’59 seconds and Helena Leser in 8’88 seconds. There were also good times for the boys in the 60 metres: Hugo Terver (7’18), Yanis Braze (7’55), Louis Krieger (7’91), Thierry Kalmes (8’28), Louis Bellini (8’31), Gabriel De Menezes Carvalho (8 ) ’53) and Bastien Klein Schlentz (9’51). Our minimes boys then also ran a good 600m race in 1:38.27 (Mex Krecké), 1:40.17 (Gabriel De Menezes Carvalho) and 1:51.21 (Bastien Klein Schlentz).